Citytrip to Venice with a toddler

Going to Venice, I heard mixed messages from friends; “It’s not that impressive”, “It’s like Bruges really”, “you’ll see…” ¬†So I was really wondering, as I rembered my own mother speak about it and she had loved it! So when looking for a citytrip for this year I decided to go to Venice, and to […]

A day in the life of…

I hardly find time to blog nowadays. It has been about 3 months? What happened? Well I work part-time as online marketeer for an interior renovation company, check their new website ūüėČ I build it in April for them …. Since July I know also work part-time as a business developer in a luxury fashion […]

9 quotes defining my threenager

1) Am I pretty? Wondering and asking at least three times a day, while spending ages in front of the mirror, asking if her hair looks pretty… slowing down at windows checking her reflection. 2) Leave me alone! Out of the blue disappears mocking and stops responding to questions only vocalising she wants to be […]

Point + Shoot: Busy in Bruges

The overwhelming topic of the weekend was our first bed and breakfast booking in our room at the top of the house. You can read all about it here (it includes travel vouchers!). Friday was all about cleaning, still putting the last items of the house in order, ready to welcome the first guests. Loads […]

Our first AirBnB booking

We got listed on AirBnB last week and already got our first couple of guests. If you don’t yet know AirBnB and you want to book at our or any other families house for your next holiday click here¬†¬†you’ll get 22 euro travel credit (but only if you book through this link). AirBnB is a […]

Bruges surroundings by Bike: Ryckevelde Castle

Ryckevelde forest¬†and castle is exactly 4km by bike from our bed and breakfast.¬†A doable distance for a cycling trip¬†with the toddler on the back seat without her getting to cold. The forest domain has a very versatile network of paths. Cyclist, horses and pedestrians¬†are catered for, but there are also signs indicating the walking trails […]